The 'Innovation, Execution, Leadership' Program

IXL is our flagship leadership program. Technology, competition and disruption is forcing organisations to redefine and reimagine the skills, processes and structures needed to succeed in the next frontier.

The Program

A new kind of leader is needed to achieve high-performance in an increasingly chaotic world. One capable of leading high-performance teams while balancing best-practice execution with outcome-driven innovation.

The 5 Tenets

To help grow tomorrow’s IX Leaders, Chaos1 has partnered with the University of Technology, Sydney to provide the Innovation Execution Leaders (IXL) program. The program is a unique experience that fuses curated Special Operations, Entrepreneurship and Leadership expertise into an in-person 9 day certified course across 5 Tenets:

The IXL Program answers one question:

What skills do I need to gain and sustain an edge against my competition?